Zorbing the outdoor fun sport

Zorbing is an outdoor fun sport and can be enjoyed at best on a natural incline. Therefore we encourage our partners to set up their own Downhill Revolution site. From the selection of the ideal location, through the design of the site and a successful marketing strategy leading to a profitable operation we will support you with our expertise and experience. We supply you with the best zorbing products for a safe operation and offer tailor-made solutions for the infrastructure of the site including the catering or a retrieval system.

Who said that zorbing is a summer sport?

Due to the unique and outstanding characteristics of the special thermoplastic polyurethane used as raw material for the Downhill Master and the Outdoor Adventurer you can now go zorbing all year round, even in the Alps or in Scandinavia. Zorbing can be a superb complementary activity of skiing or snowboarding – with a minor investment a ski slope can be converted to a downhill zorbing site.





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