Aqua Walkers

Safety first! This applies especially when using Aqua Walkers, also known as Water Walking Balls or Aqua Bubbles. They are particularly suitable for pools and in shallow waters. Of course, you’ll always be connected to the shore via a leash!

ZORB® Europe’s Aqua Walkers are multi talents.

Aqua Walking is the ultimate summer fun and the Aqua Walkers are also an eye-catcher for any kind of event! We are happy to give you information about all possible uses and secure handling. But also for theatrical effects, the Aqua Walkers – or in this case, “Stage Walkers” – are simply wonderful. Both the Schauspielhaus Bochum and the Theater Juxart in Mainz brought their theatrical ideas to life using Aqua Walkers which performed fantastically. The Aqua Walker has a standard diameter of 2m, and is both handmade and high frequency welded. Material options are 0.7 mm TPU or 1 mm PVC (PVC can only be used from a temperature of at least 10°C). Of course, special colours and sizes are always possible!

ZORB® Europe’s Aqua Walkers – buying or renting

Aqua Walkers can be either bought or rented at ZORB® Europe. For longer rental periods we offer special rates. For details, please contact us:

For longer rental periods we offer special rates.


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