ZorPin – the giant cone for ZORB® Human Bowling

are our specially developed, inflatable giant cone for ZORB® Giant Bowling. The idea came to us when we developed a zorbing promotion for Hasseröder as an event at Hannover 96 for the German Bundesliga. The goal was to promote a new bottle shape for Hasseröder Premium Pils. Hasseröder commissioned two Original Zorbs® of the Downhill Master model and a larger number of the corresponding bottles. The 2m high, inflatable bottles had to look exactly 1:1 like the original.

ZORB® Giant Bowling in German Bundesliga and DEL

The Zorb® Riesenbowling competition was held for the first time in the Hannover 96 game against Bayern Munichand, according to the 96 website, it was “one of the most exciting half-time events of all time”. The promotion ran with great success over two years, not only with Hannover 96, but also during the one-third breaks on the ice floor at the Eisbären Berlin in the DEL. Inspired, we developed the idea of Zorb® Human Bowling as a new team-building activity that grew very popular among our customers and continues to enjoy great popularity.

Zorb® racing course at Zorbing events as eyecatcher

However, the cones have multiple uses, e.g. as a slalom pole on Zorb® racing courses, or as an eye-catcher in any other kind of zorbing event. They either available with red rings – like “real” bowling pins “- or neutrally branded without our logo.

  • Height: 2 meters
  • Material: RipStop

ZorPin feature: excellent stability

In contrast to other inflatable cones, whose bottom has to be filled with water in order to achieve a degree of stability, the ZorPins are equipped with an especially integrated wooden base plate for excellent stability, which allows to be run over within the giant bowling ZORB®! Another advantage is the quick and easy assembly and disassembly: inflation only takes about one minute per ZORB® giant cone!

Alternatively, ZorPins can be rented. Please contact us: info@zorb.de


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