The newcomer: Aqua Lounge

Zorbing is a fitness workout that can be both casual and relaxing, but also conditionally challenging. In any case, after your Zorb® run you have deserved a relaxed chill out with friends in the Aqua Lounge. Float on the water like in a couch and enjoy a drink in the evening sun.  The Robinson Club Jandia Playa on Fuerteventura, a long-time ZORB® Europe customer and holiday destination for many VIPs, which sets standards within its sector, were one of the first Aqua Lounge customers.

The Aqua Lounge is handmade and high frequency welded.

The material we use for the Aqua Lounge is 1mm PVC as this is better suited for use in water than TPU. It goes without saying that the minimum operating temperature is 10° C. Of course, the Aqua Lounge can also be used on lakes however they should always be connected to the shore with a safety rope. It’s can be super romantic for couples to set sail in a Aqua Lounge, on mild summer night under the full moon – don’t forget the champagne!

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