Zylinder aka Drum

Drum aka ZylinderZylinder aka Drum

The Zylinder aka Drum or Water Roller, is useable on land as well as on water but due to its construction with open sides the use on water is the big hit! A bunch of people can use it at the same time which is certainly the major advantage of the Zylinder. Jump in and out just as you like! The City Council of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany could not make a decision whether to buy a Zylinder or a Zorb® for their public pool operations – and purchased several items of both rightaway. This is a solution we clearly suppor!

The Zylinder is handmade, high-frequency welded, the material is 1 mm PVC. Suitable for temperatures from min. app. 10 ° C. Open sides, no harnesses, ideal for games in the pool. Not suitable for downhill zorbing.TPU version available on request

More information about the cylinders coming soon here on this page! If there are any questions, don´t hestitate to give aus a request.

Zylinder aka Drum








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