Welcome on the English website of ZORB EUROPE, the premium supplier of high-end products and services for the fascinating activity of Zorbing. 

Zorbing is one of the most exciting inventions of the past decade and we from ZORB EUROPE, offer you a superior product range with outstanding and ruling properties for this thrilling activity. 

The downhill zorbing experience, promotional zorbing events, company incentives, family days, zorbing shows – the Advanced Way of Zorbing with ZORB EUROPE, is exciting, safe and always new.

We also would like to thank our clients and partners who always challenge us with new ideas and suggestions. Many of these seemed initially to be impossible – but working together on the projects finally created spectacular shows such as the sensational show of international performance artist Marc Vogel that fascinated more than 100000 spectators. 

Enjoy your visit on our website – and join the REVOLUTION.

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...on the website of DOWNHILL REVOLUTION ... ...the premium supplier of high-end products and services for the fascinating activity of Zorbing. Zorbing is one of the most exciting inventions of the ...

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Michael Stemp from Nuremberg, Germany is ZORB® pioneer of the first hour. He brought Zorbing from New Zealand to Europe, planned and executed ZORB®-corporate events for international clients such as

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ZORB® products: rent or buy? Considering renting one or more original Zorbs® for your company event, function, or photo shoot? Zorbing during a team-building activity? Or try latest on-trend Zorbing

Bubble Soccer

Fun & Sport with Bubblesoccer Bubble Soccer Games with Original BodyZorbs® are a total blast! Bubble Soccer has been the coolest Zorbing sport for quite some time. Soccer Zorbs, Bumper Ball

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Highest quality with original ZORB® products Choose from our range of original ZORB® products: Aqua Walkers Aqua Lounge ZORB® - Downhill Master Spin Downhill Master Hydro ZORPEDO

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There are a number of components for the original ZORB® products. For original ZORB® products, components are available. Electrical pumps in various designs and performance levels make inflating

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Here you can find current information from Downhillrevolution and ZORB® EUROPE.

Donwhill Ramp

For those areas with no natural hills, for downhill zorbing on a beach or in the city we have developed a metal ramp as a substitute for a natural incline. The metal ramp is a 2-ton galvanized constru...

Promotions and Events

Zorbing has become a popular element of corporate and promotional events. A transparent sphere with a diameter of over 3 metres is guaranteed to magnetize your potential clients, and zorbing down an i...
Suggested ZORB® Events
ORIGINAL ZORB® – suggested events Zorbing without fixed course The Zorbonaut / Zorbonauts roll around in the flat without a fixed course to their hearts contents. Two people at the same time can run
Stand UP Paddling
Stand UP Paddling
Sie möchten Stand Up Paddling einmal ausprobieren? SUP oder „Stehpaddeln“ ist ein schnell und einfach zu erlernender Was
Am Altmühlsee geht es wieder los!
Am Altmühlsee geht es wieder los!
ZORBSEGS - Belebnisse am Altmühlsee! Ab Frühjahr 2017 bietet ZORBSEGS wir wieder Belebnisse zu Wassser und zu Lande am t

What Our Client Say

Your feedback is important to us!
Hej, thank you very much for your visit – it was very helpful and supporting! I am very satisfied with the Downhill Masters. They roll absolutely balanced down the hill and after two years of operation there are still no damages and the balls are totally tight. Best regards, Steen
-Steen Borsen, Owner, Samso Downhill, Samso, Denmark
(Email to an enquirer from Ireland asking for advice) So in answer to your question Ross, yes, there are other ball manufacturers, the best one is based in Germany and trades as “Downhill Revolution”. Their balls are of highest standard & quality, capable of standing up to the riggers of a Zorbing site operation. Their “Downhill Master” balls are the only products we use here on the Gold Coast, Australia and earn our recommendation.
-John Bennet, Owner

Danach kommt für Euch wohl nur noch ein Einsatz im All!

Hallo Downhill Revolution Team, anbei die Bilder von unserer Magic Zürs Zorbing Show. Sie zeigen, dass Eure Zorbing-Kugeln auch unter den härtesten Bedingungen funktionieren. Danach kommt für Euch wohl nur noch ein Einsatz im All! Viele Grüße Juliane
-Juliane Mathis, Event Manager, Lech Zürs Tourismus, Austria
The Zorbs are top quality!
Zorb® Europe / Downhill Revolution were a great help to us with all aspects of setting up our site and even after the set up they have been excellent with helping us with our queries and problems. The Zorbs are top quality and we are proud to use their products and would highly recommend them.
-Robert Carmichael, The Jungle Paintball, Northern Ireland
Just dropping you a quick email to let you know that we are very happy with our fab Zorb® ball and how things are going. We are OVER THE MOON with our ball - thank you so much! It´s great!
-Ruth Mason, Planet Mud, Australia