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What our customers say…

Johnny Gilchrist, Programme Manager

The Oakes Holiday Centre, UK
Johnny Gilchrist Dear Michael Thanks for your incredible customer service and for all your help this year. You still top the list of my favourite people to do business with. Huge blessings on you

Ruth Mason

Planet Mud Outdoor Adventure, Australia
Just dropping you a quick email to let you know that we are very happy with our fab Downhill Revolution ball and how things are going. We are OVER THE MOON with our ball – thank you so much! It´s great!

John Bennett Owner

Oz Ball. Australia
(Email to an enquirer from Ireland asking for advice) So in answer to your question Ross, yes, there are other ball manufacturers, the best one is based in Germany and trades as “Downhill Revolution”. Their balls are of highest standard & quality, capable of standing up to the riggers of a Zorbing site operation. Their “Downhill Master” balls are the only products we use here on the Gold Coast, Australia and earn our recommendation.

Steen Borsen, Owner

Samso Downhill, Samso, Denmark
Hej, thank you very much for your visit – it was very helpful and supporting! I am very satisfied with the Downhill Masters. They roll absolutely balanced down the hill and after two years of operation there are still no damages and the balls are totally tight. Best regards, Steen

Robert Carmichael, Owner

The Jungle Paintball, Northern Ireland
Downhill Revolution were a great help to us with all aspects of setting up our site and even after the set up they have been excellent with helping us with our queries and problems. The Downhill Masters are top quality and we are proud to use their products and would highly recommend them.

Sophie, Project Manager

Flourish Creative, UK
Hi Michael The event went really well – a great success and the sun shone all day! Many thanks again for all your help with this. It has been great working with you and I hope to have the opportunity again. Photos will follow shortly… Sophie Project Manager

Paul Butler, Owner

Orb 360, Brighton, UK
“You can certainly use me as a case study. I have travelled a hard road with these cheap balls and tried not less than six different suppliers but I am glad now to work with Downhill Revolution. I just could not believe that there are such huge differences in quality – but I had to learn there are. You guys know what you are doing.”

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