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Trendsport: Bubble Soccer with Original Body Zorbs®

Bubble Soccer has been an on trend sport for some time. Soccer Zorbs, Bumper Balls, Bubble Footballs, or Loopy Balls – whatever you call it – it’s always soccer with a special twist. The fun-for-all sport that suits the youth and young at heart!

Body Zorbs® in Indoor Soccer-halls

Bodyzorb - Body Zorb®Our Body Zorbs® are particularly in demand by operators of indoor soccer halls. Many vendors were struggling with quality issues as a result of the original use of low-cost products, which of course seriously affects a smooth gaming and booking schedule. For this we can refer to references specifically from the indoor soccer area – some customers have kindly provided references of quality comparisons.

Although the Body Zorbs can be used to play unforgettable football games, there are also many other varieties, e.g. Last Man Standing

The Body Zorbs are available in PVC as well as in TPU, but we’d definitely recommend the TPU version due to high strain. There are different sizes; the average size of about 1.5m is the most popular because of its versatile. The Body Zorbs® are handmade, high frequency welded, have a double padded harness and are extra comfortable to wear! Our latest Body Zorb® generation is even more robust – and even a little lighter in weight due to a sophisticated anchor system! 

Body Zorbs® made of TPU (our recommendation)

  • Material: 0,70 mm TPU, Sizes: 1,25m and 1.55m
  • Operating temperature: approximately – 20°C to 50°C

Body Zorbs® made of PVC

  • Material: 1,00 mm PVC, Sizes: 1.25m and 1.55m
  • Operating temperature: approximately +10°C to 50°C


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