ZORB® – Modell Downhill Master Spin

Our Flagship – the Downhill Master products

The Spin model is larger than the standard models. With a diameter of 3.2m and is manufactured completely by hand using the latest high-frequency welding technology. The Spin model is specially designed and constructed for downhill Zorbing with a harness system. With the harnessed downhill zorbing the rider experiences the up-down movement with every turn. The reliability of the belt system is therefore of the highest safety standards.

The belt systems of the Downhill Master Spin are supplied by Schroth Safety Products (http://www.schroth.com/), one of the world’s leading manufacturers in automotive and aerospace safety belts.

Excellent quality of the Zorb® Downhill Master Spin

The material used for the Downhill Master is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – by far the world’s leading quality. For the range of applications intended by our customers the resilience – amongst other things – is of upmost importance. Resilience refers to the property of a material to fully or partially resume its original shape and dimensions after the forces that caused the deformation have been removed. The resilience of the Downhill Master is 100%, which is essential to Downhill Zorbing. The TPU we use for the Downhill Masters has a thickness of 1mm, is highly transparent, extremely flexible and has the highest scratch and abrasion resistance. Furthermore the downhill master is extremely temperature resistant and can be used without problems from about -40°C up to about 60°C. The connecting cords are manufactured in a German rope factory with almost 150 years of craftsmanship. We offer a large color selection. Each downhill master is unique and is usually made on demand and according to customer requirements. Currently a Downhill Master is in stock, to be seen under “Pictures and Events”.

Branding: Your logo on the Downhill Master Spin

Branded equipment with incorporated (not only printed) logo in high-end design is possible.

We recommend the Downhill Master for use on professional Downhill Zorbing Station operations. Diameter: 3.2m, handmade, state-of-the-art high-frequency plastic welding technology, highest tear and abrasion resistance; Material: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), approx. 10 times stronger than PVC, extreme temperature resistance (approx. -40°C to 60°C), door handles, fixing anchors either black or transparent, two entrances. Two harness systems from Schroth Safety Products. Carrying bag made of ripstop material.

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